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Interview Aneeza Syed's Interview

Read Interview of famous Urdu writer Aneeza Syed

  1. Veer
    Aneeza Syed Is A Senior and Most Popular Writer, Writing In Magazines and Digests Since Long Time. She always proved versatile and thought provoking through her writing.

    The characters she creates are embodiments of goodness, piety and courage. Her writing is better than many of her peers. She has huge fans who desperately waits for her novels.

    She also Started Scripting For Tv. You can See Here Projects on Different Tv Channels.

    Jo Ruke To Koh-e-Giran Thy Hum, Shab-e-Arzoo Ka Alam and Shaam Sehr-e-Yaran are some of her famous novels.
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  1. Ana Zai
    Ana Zai
    Nice interview (y)