Bin Mangi Dua Episode 12 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Novel Bin Mangi Dua Episode 12 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Novel Name
Bin Mangi Dua
Novel Written By
Effat Sehar Tahir
Novel Genre
Romance, Social
Pakistani Urdu novelist Effat Seher Tahir has written Bin Mangi Dua novel. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 12th episode (September 2014) when its available in Khawateen Digest. We hope to see good feedback and reviews from the fans of Effat Seher Tahir. Please don't forget to post your views on the story line, novel characters and author's writing style.
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

Latest reviews

thx veer ... i love this book .. it seems to me going little drag though .. poor aiba how long she is going to suffer :((.. and moiz is too much i love effet seher writting .. she deserve excellent .. hope next episode brings some thing different to us :))
nice one,,kab tak aayega
Thanks for rating. It has been uploaded.
Nice novel
Hoping to read a Good Episode
An excellent episode is expected, let's see! Readers plz don't forget to review.
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