Bin Mangi Dua Episode 21 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Novel Bin Mangi Dua Episode 21 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Novel Name
Bin Mangi Dua
Novel Written By
Effat Sehar Tahir
Main Characters
Moiz Ahmed, Zara, Aizad, Saleha, Imtiaz Ahmed, Safina, Abiha, Hina, Rubab, Safeer Ahsan
Novel Genre
Romance, Social
Famous Pakistani Urdu novelist Effat Seher Tahir has written Bin Mangi Dua novel in Khawateen Digest. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 21st episode in Khawateen July 2015. We hope you'll enjoy reading and we expect good feedback & reviews from the readers of Effat Seher Tahir novels. Please don't forget to post your views on the storyline, novel characters and author's writing style.

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Latest reviews

super :)
soooooo Romantic in love with this novel :D
Good twist ,abeeha ke Saat kuch bura Nahi hona. Chahiye,Aur moiz aur. Ahsas hona chahiye.
Mujay laghta hai abiha moiz ko nahi millay gi.Anyways ye novel boht acha hai and thank you for uploading this novel
fantastic noval plz jalti complete krn crousty ho re hai iffat ji
it was awesome
Superb episode jazak Allah to Iffath aapi plz aapi ab jaldi se muiz aur abeeha ka romantic and happy climax dain aur plz ab abeeha ko aur kisi azmaish se mehfooz rakhain specially from that crual man saifi ......khuda kare abeeha ki izzat mehfooz rahe.....aur us wicked rubab ka patta kat dain....eagerly waiting for yr next happy and thrilling episode.....
Lovely :)
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