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Novel Bin Mangi Dua Episode 23 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Read Online & Review Social Romantic Novel Bin Mangi Dua Sep 2015 Ep #23 by Effat Sehar Tahir

  1. Veer
    Original Title:
    Bin Mangi Dua
    Written By:
    Effat Sehar Tahir
    Main Characters:
    Moiz Ahmed, Zara, Aizad, Saleha, Imtiaz Ahmed, Safina, Abiha, Hina, Rubab, Safeer Ahsan
    • Social
    Famous Pakistani Urdu novelist Effat Seher Tahir has written Bin Mangi Dua novel in Khawateen Digest. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 23rd episode in Khawateen September 2015. We hope you'll enjoy reading and we expect good feedback & reviews from the readers of Effat Seher Tahir novels. Please don't forget to post your views on the storyline, novel characters and author's writing style.

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Recent Reviews

  1. firasath afreen
    firasath afreen
    Beautiful novel abeeha mil gayi moiz ko but abhi kahani baqi hai....let's see kab zalim samaj moiz aur abeeha ki zindagi se hattai hain....but overall it was nice episode....
  2. Sajjal
    Overall its nice novel
  3. lusturing_star
    Achi he but faltu me lambi ki jarahi he
  4. Ana Zai
    Ana Zai
    ChaLO heroine Mil gyi , HeRo RaZi ... But writer RaZi nhi LaG rhi :(
    Ab Next Episode LaSt hoNi Chahiye eski ....