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Novel Bin Mangi Dua Episode 8 by Effat Sehar Tahir

Read Rate Review Social Romantic Urdu Novel Bin Mangi Dua Part 8 written by Effat Sehar Tahir

  1. Veer
    Original Title:
    Bin Mangi Dua
    Written By:
    Effat Sehar Tahir
    Plot Summary:
    Imtiaz Ahmed aur Safina ke 3 bachay hein. Moiz, Zara aur Aizad. Saliha, Imtiaz Ahmed ki bachpan ki mangetar thi magar un say shadi na ho saki thi aur Safina ko yaqeen hai ke aaj bhi woh in ke dil may basti hein. Saliha mar chuki hein. Abiha un ki beti hai. Jawari baap say bachanay ke liye Saliha, Abiha ko Imtiaz Ahmed ke hawalay kar jati hein. 3 saal pehlay k is waqay may un ka beta Moiz un ka razdar hai, continue reading..
    Main Characters:
    Moiz Ahmed, Zara, Aizad, Saleha, Imtiaz Ahmed, Safina, Abiha, Hina, Rubab, Safeer Ahsan
    • Romance
    • Social
    Pakistani Urdu novelist Effat Seher Tahir has written Bin Mangi Dua novel. We are here to discuss and recommend you to read its 8th episode (May 2014) when its available. We hope to see good feedback and reviews from the fans ofEffat Seher Tahir. Please don't forget to post your views on the storyline, characters and writing style.

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Recent Reviews

  1. arfanrana
    Excellent work
  2. fazeelath khan
    fazeelath khan
    really excellent
  3. Rabi khan
    Rabi khan
    Good job
  4. Eshaal'z
    SHUKRYA :D apka Sooo muuchh
    Buhat dinu se isi ka wait ho raha tha :)
  5. mana
    Excellent work..