Chalu Larki by Humaira Asad

Article Chalu Larki by Humaira Asad

Original Title
Chalu Larki
Written By
Humaira Asad
Chalu Larki is written by Humaira Asad and is a very sensitive topic in our society. A topic that is considered shameful to talk about in our society. Humaira Asad has dared to write on the subject, She says: "A news was posted on social media last night that a 16-year-old girl was killed simply because she could not prove to be a "virgin". Many people would be shocked to find that such people are found in our society, who believe in the bleeding during intercourse in the wedding night. Some youths who think that if it does not bleed, the girl is "Characterless". In this article I will show you the class thinking of what these people think of marriage and their wife".

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