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Novel Dar-e-Dil Episode 38 By Nabeela Aziz

Read Rate and Review Dar-e-Dil Urdu Novel Episode 38 By Nabeela Aziz

  1. Veer
    Original Title:
    Dar-e-Dil (Episode 38)
    Written By:
    Nabeela Aziz
    Plot Summary:
    This Novel Dar E Dil Is Packed With Suspense, Thriller And Romance, Sadness And Sacrifice, A Bit Of Mills & Boon ;) A Big Family Enmity And The Reverenger Is The Main Character Dilawar Shah :) And The Beautiful Friendship Between Dilawar, Nabeel And Abduallh Was Written Well.. Very Impressive, I Love Their Friendship ;) Its Very Well Written Novel But Going A Bit Slow, The Writer Disclosed A Little Bit Of Suspense With That The Readers Know Where Is This Story Turning In To And I'am Happy To See None Of The Friends Married To Girl Zari Otherwise The Book Will Be A Flop As Per My Opinion. (ruksana)
    Main Characters:
    Alizay, Zari, Momina, Madiha, Adeel, Nabeel, Dilawar Shah, Azeer, Komal, Abdullah, Nigarish, Asia Afendi, Waqar Afendi
    • Romance
    • Social
    • Suspense
    Social, Romantic, Suspense Novel Dar-e-Dil Episode 38 By Nabeela Aziz (Jan 2014)

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Recent Reviews

  1. Mahnoor Mehboob
    Mahnoor Mehboob
    nyc novel
  2. zar121
    Perfect plot!
  3. Saniakhan92
    i llike the maturity of the writer, she justified the character soo wel . i like dil aawar and aliza
  4. Wanderer
    thankyou so much Veer bhai for posting it :)
  5. Liza Manyar
    Liza Manyar
    my favrt story
  6. saja siddique
    saja siddique
    i like it v much but i thnk its time to disclose the secret :)
    and i love all the characters
  7. vetnary doctor
    vetnary doctor
    its good effort..............Jazak Allah
  8. jaria
    thanx for sharing
    1. Veer
      Author's Response
      You r welcome, plz keep visiting Readers.pk
  9. ruksana
    love this episode what a beautifyl turn in the story .. superb i was waiting for this turn -- very very sad for dilawar shah :( love the attitude of alizay towards dilawar.. i know now this change will grow lovein alizay for dilawar.. nabial aziz u make me cry for dilawar in this episode.. and veer tnx for high quality reading
    1. Veer
      Author's Response
      Thank you sister for your valuable feedback and the review on the story line, appreciated :)
  10. Blue Moon
    Blue Moon
    Awesome story :) waiting for next episode...
    Thank u soo much veer Bhai :)
    1. Veer
      Author's Response
      Thank you sister for your rating and appreciation :)