Ek Sagar Hai Zindagi Episode 4 By Nafeesa Saeed

Novel Ek Sagar Hai Zindagi Episode 4 By Nafeesa Saeed

Original Title
Ek Sagar Hai Zindagi
Written By
Nafeesa Saeed
Romance, Social
Pakistani Urdu novelist Nafeesa Saeed has started writing Ek Sagar Hai Zindagi novel in Kiran digest. I'm here to recommend you all to read its 4th episode (October 2014) in Kiran Digest. I'm looking forward to seeing good feedback and reviews from you, Readers! Please rate and review on the storyline, characters and writing style.
(This episode is currently in my To-Do List, Remind me if you want to read it)
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Hello veer, I want to read these episodes 4 5 6 7 can you please upload , in the bottom said this episode is currently in my TO DO list , the story name is
Em sarger hai zindagi
Thanks x
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