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Novel Mah-e-Tamam Episode 12 by Amna Riaz

Read Rate and Review Social Romantic Urdu Novel Mah-e-Tamam Part 12 by Amna Riaz

  1. Veer
    Original Title:
    Written By:
    Amna Riaz
    • Romance
    • Social
    Read Rate and Review Social Romantic Urdu Novel Mah-e-Tamam Part 12 by Amna Riaz (Khawateen digest April 2014)

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Recent Reviews

  1. oreedaali
    At the end of the twelfth episode "Read the final installment next month" I was thinking that if we were going to wait until the end of the novel after Lodhi between Taqi and How to enjoy the humor of sentences will. The solution is so simple and easy for our pen Keep your ties.
    Thanks to heal and eventually Taqi Lodhi Sahib shrinking shrinking the distance between the summit and is never going to end . Taqi was the right thing to heal ' the father of the world are more or less like this are like your father . Every father feels his son does not feel like it , so it must guide their own son. Life should tell him how to sruayyu. On the other hand, he himself is feeling son is very smart. Know it all , that there are such things. But it does not mean that their love is not the father and son. '' And is exactly why I think ... Parents sometimes do not feel bad for my children . Actually, the child can read and write all the parents at large to remain always a child .
    Twelfth installment in the aroma and healing when comparing Taqi is the eleventh installment so I remembered that part of the healing Taqi 's mother would have been considered are:
    Every man lives Mohabbatein small pet. So good to find his wife in the old bonds fade do not take long. ' Healing was so so good ... Taqi good things just did not recognize her ... What is a good poet !
    All who heard the case of simple written letter.
    Puzzle was how the girl for you.
    How immature hero still healing from the Taqi Saheb will show their love for him will have to wait a bit. Rohail Taqi clean feeling very well made ... Spring was reading the heart of the garden. And collector also giving you a good lesson .was not ashamed. Towards the end of the novel, and the story of the first day of the interest is sustained.
  2. Eshaal'z
    Zabardast Novel.... itnaaa k akely beth k party uuy bhe Khilkhila k hansay.. :D..aur Moqa ke munasbatt se sad bhe huy :'(buhat acha novel.... i like these type of novels.... larayan...pyar... :D
  3. Khudija
    Bht Achi episode rhi.. (Y)