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Interview Mazhar Kaleem Exclusive Interview

Read and review an exclusive interview with novelist Mazhar Kaleem, December 2015

  1. Veer
    Mazhar Kaleem was a Pakistani novelist chiefly known for his Imran Series novels, Urdu spy fiction written within Imran Series mythos created by Ibn-e-Safi.

    He was known for writing the Imran Series and had written short stories for children as well. He was the anchorperson of a Saraiki radio talk show from Radio Multan, "Jamhoor-de-Awaz". He was a lawyer who was elected Senior Vice-President of Multan Bar Council.

    We are uploading here a detailed interview. Special thanks to Express for this interview. Enjoy Reading :thumbs up:

    Mazhar Kameem's Interview
    Interview - Mazhar Kaleem Exclusive Interview