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Novel Namal Episode 12 By Nimra Ahmed

Read Online and Review Social Romantic Urdu Novel Namal July 2015 Episode 12 By Nimra Ahmed

  1. Veer
    Dear reader, before you start reading the novel, it is my request that you please make sure you have performed the Salah. Check out Prayer Time for your City now! May Allah's blessings be with you today and always, ameen. Remember me in your prayers.
    Original Title:
    Namal (Ya Saahiba-yis-Sijn! - Aay Mere Qaid khaany k do Sathiyo!)
    Written By:
    Nimra Ahmed
    • Social
    The title Name of Namal's 12th episode is "Ya Saahiba-yis-Sijn!" - (Aay Mere Qaid khaany k do Sathiyo!) (O! My Companions in prison) Hazrat Yousuf AS has addressed his two prison-mates as Ya Saahib-yis-Sijn. So this word is a Quranic expression from Surah Yousuf.

    Pakistani Urdu novelist Nimra Ahmed has written the Namal novel in Khawateen digest. She is very popular in females because of her unique writing style. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 12th episode in Khawateen July 2015. We hope to see exciting comments and feedback from the readers of Nimra Ahmed novels and yes be assured that we'll try our best to share with you in high quality as always.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Reader420
    Nimra's novels are inspiring as well surprising nd interesting :-)
    Hats off
  2. Z shah
    Z shah
    best novel
  3. Pinkey
    Superb episode maza aagaya..good job nimra ahmed
  4. Leena_Nena
  5. noreen anjum
  6. ehad e rafta
    ehad e rafta
  7. Nida Irshad
    Nida Irshad
    Soch raha hon Churail ko churail na kehny ka fesla badl lun
    Hunain ahhh bht ghusa ata hai us py wo idiot hai khen km khrab na kr de...
    Nimra You rockxxxx
    Saadi lolzzz
    Isi bahny Zamard n Faris ekathy tu hoye
  8. daryab
    one ov the best novel n thnxx for this effort .. relly superb .. plxxxx dear u live long .. n continue this for us <3
  9. Imal
    Excellent..Superb episode..Each and every scene is lovely..Thanks Nimra Ahmed
    And Thanks Veer for uploading this episode..
  10. Zirwah