Sadia Abid's Interview

Interview Sadia Abid's Interview

Sadia Abid Pakistani Urdu Novelist who wrote many famous novels in all monthly digests. She has huge fans following who desperately waits for her novels. Her first Novelette was published in Rida digest 2007, 'Tu Hi Mera Saibaan'. 'Band Qaba Khulnay Lagi Janan' considered to be most read and liked novel.
You can read all her novels here: Sadia Abid Novels

She is one of those few writers, who keep their readers bound with them, due to their unique writing style.

We are Sharing here latest interview. Special Thanks to @Fahmeeda Anjum for this interview. Enjoy Reading. :)
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Nice interview.
Excellent work @Ana Zai Keep it up!
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