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Novel Yaaram Last Episode 9 By Sumera Hameed

Read Online & Review Social Romantic Novel Yaaram March 2015 Last Episode 9 By Sumera Hameed

  1. Veer
    Original Title:
    Written By:
    Sumera Hameed
    • Romance
    • Social
    Pakistani Urdu novelist Sumera Hameed has written Yaaram novel in Shuaa digest. We are here to discuss and recommend you all to read its 9th and Last Episode in Shuaa digest March 2015. Hope you will enjoy reading and we also expect some good feedback and reviews from the fans of Sumera Hameed novels

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Recent Reviews

  1. fatimasddq
    Splendid way the story is told
  2. sidjunaid
  3. cupcake
    awesome story ... want to read it more and more ... i was so sad at the ending that the story was going to end .. the selection of words .. description of emotions and feelings are so realistic and lessons given in the novel are so beautifull... dont have words to appreciate the novel and the most important person writer ....! love you sis... 5 stars are not enough to describe my liking for this novel
  4. hadiqa92
    Amazing plot..
    awesome characters
  5. Asia Amin
    Asia Amin
    Superb outstanding best novel x
  6. ranvi
  7. NMK
    Nice read esp scenes with uni friends, did seem to drag at some points, but would recommend
  8. Afia Riaz J
    Afia Riaz J
    I'm in Love with this Love Story <3 .. Tooo much lessons to learn. Fabulous novel.
  9. fatiii
    Awes0me n0vel...
    Carl bh0lny wali cheez kabi nai rahy ga...
  10. Nida Irshad
    Nida Irshad
    Fabulous novel.....Muhabbat ko zuban dy di hai....do din mean parh Lia novel mean NY...ahhh....its curious!!!!!
    Aliyan and Amrah ki story k bary mean sochhty hon Tu na mumkinat wali ending lagtiii....bus AK Q hai!!!
    Agr Quran rang nasb nasal ko faraq nhe btata n sirf pehchan ki khatr ye takeem hoiii hai Tu hamary mashary mean sub Wajid jisy kun hain hr AK pass Amrah jisy Dada nhee ye be basiii ki intaha hai!!!!!!!!