Poem Ariel And "The Tempest" … 1506-2k14

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader
Cavort, spin from side to side
Puff away in my minds eye
Careless from all time I bide
Swirling robes like incense I

Happy happy with the air
Flip and flick my cherub hair

Tap gargoyle here steeple there
Soar above to swoop below
From fairy castle to demon’s lair
Along the moat with water flow

Smile smile at natures done
Free am now in so much fun

Whisper day to tawny owl
Buzz like bees in his ear
Shriek to fluster water fowl
Scatter all in alien fear

Giggle giggle at this my life
Forget all pain of boarded strife

Tweak petals of forget-me-nots
Lullabies hum like flowing brooks
Soothe the babies in their cots
Wink and nod at side long looks

Bliss bliss it appears to me
So happy I to be thus free

Sip some nectar here and there
Dust the stamens of yon flowers
Nod to doves, in a cooing pair
Flit and turn in shady bowers

Merry merry on a grassy sling
What delight doth freedom bring?

On bat’s winged back I fly
Toss in air then slowly glide
Amid flowery baskets happy lie
World my oyster opens wide

Free! free! At last I sing
Tulips daisies, bells ring

saadat tahir.
15th June, 2k14.

The, all engrossing, happiness of ‘Ariel the sprite’,
Released from bondage by Prospero…
As understood by a student of Shakespeare, in "the tempest".
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