Dragonfly … 08 0616

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader
…..of nymphs and “nereids".

Nimbly slung from delicate wings
Floats on a breath of gentle rings

In lustrous shades as she files
colors scatter, rainbow smiles

Blithely drifting on shiny glows
Hither and tither as wind blows

Upheld arms ready to go
Up and down, along the flow

Radiant eyes glint in the light
Held so steady in her flight

An agile athlete on the ropes
Twirls and turns as she lopes

In fluttering wings the lines divide
Within the lines crystals reside

A mythical nymph she silently hides
In watery ways where she resides

She lopes and circles on easy pairs
Spring’s bride; a star of fairs

Young and nubile she rises and sings
From murmuring streams with her brings

A musical air from posse of gods
Where fairies dance and nature nods

saadat tahir
08th June 2k16
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