Novel Review Contest, November 2017


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Good morning Readers :)

Today I'm here with a different and unique competition. Each month, we post dozens of new episodic and complete novels/novelettes/afsanas for your reading pleasure. We encourage readers to post reviews when finish reading. A review is always helpful for people to decide read a novel or not, Reading a good novel can be one of life's greatest pleasures. Positive reviews encourage people to must read a good novel.

In this competition, we'd like to see you posting reviews on this months' novels collection available on this link: November 2017 New Novels Collection

How to participate in competition?
  1. Open above link or click here and choose a novel for your review
  2. Open novel page and post your review
That's all :)

At the end of competition we'll check all reviews and best reviewer will get:
  • Best reviewer medal.
  • Best reviewer badge next to your name.
  • A novel from any digest at earliest date, before it's available anywhere on internet.
The competition has started already and will end 30th November 2017. All reviews submitted for current months' novels are counted

What are you waiting for? Review the novels you read for a chance to win awesome reward :)

Best of luck everyone !!! :thumbs up:

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