Poem O’ these tales, a bit partly done… 2407-2k16

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader
O’ these tales, a bit partly done
What shall you do to hear them told?
Alas the dreams! That we weaved
Lent the moon some silver strands
The sun threw in some golden bands
Realities, that often crouch in stealth
Forever in spite of nascent dreams
From whence, unseen, they sprout forth?
To snatch from them the rainbow whole
The sun too stood daggers drawn
The moon too covered silent slinked

But would we ever accept defeat?
Howsoever bitter it felt to us
Befriended our befallen fate
Filled the same with sweet succor
Wove the time with gilded strands
Lit the scene in moonlight bright
Lo! Rainbows then tumbled down
Spread within, her colors to lend
A novel picture came to fore
Cruel realities to gardens morphed
The fallen dreams woke to smiles

Some wishes! that remained unmet
For ever to sigh within our breast
We took them along on our fest
To tread the tricky path…yes!!!

Original (translation)
saadat tahir
24th July, 2k16
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