Poem Qasoor kis ka (Whose fault)…1408-2k15

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader
Frolicked skipped and we played.
Smiling innocent kids waylaid.
Village paths that were our own.
Where we scampered had kites flown.

Mundane bustle of commoner’s lives
Naively we thought all could thrive
Yet to grow in strength and height.
Oblivious to this satanic blight.

Ghoulish winds have blown us bye.
Thrown in darkness to silent sigh.
The horrid day our way was blocked.
And our life so cruelly rocked.

Used to trail the MP’s car.
Just to touch, now driven so far.
Now we can’t even look up straight!
For a genuine smile our parents wait!
O’my you leaders! Have you seen?
How from innocence children wean.

In carefree time of childhood days.
Barely grasp what the criminal says.
in wildest dreams had never thought.
Would have to live a lifelong blot.

Begged with pleas and our cries.
To innocence there, said good byes.
Hung upside down in deathly wells.
Felt the shudder of crushing knells.

Shadows crept and the days slipped.
Slowly the curse our smiles sipped.
Now forced to live a tainted life
In broken bits by a thrust strife

O’where the law to secure our land?
O’whence the law to free our hand?
Whom shall we blame for our hurt?
Why our lives now trampled dirt?
Woe to you leaders! Have you seen?
How from innocence children wean.

saadat tahir
14th Aug, 2015


Deeply distressed and disturbed on the sad and horrific developments in a town in Punjab-Pakistan, namely Qasoor. Where rank pedophilia; unfettered and wretched forced sex and exploitation is unfolding as the stuff of revolutions.
Kudos to ARY and the free media for voicing the anguish of common people, the life they live and how they are exploited by the Police & politician criminal link up.
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