Read 100 Pakistanis: The Famous & Influential As It Reflects A Positive Image Of Pakistanis

Who is more influential in Pakistan?

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Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Scientist), Former Gen. Hamid Gul, Jahangir Khan (Squash Legend), Samina Baig (Mountaineer), Atif Aslam (Celebrity) and many others give historic interviews in
100 PAKISTANIS: The Famous & Influential book to portray a positive image of Pakistan in the world.

A book by Universal Oxford Publications (R) , Adam , M. A. Jalandhari and others

“Don’t give up, don’t be pessimist, work hard and honestly, we have tremendous resources and potential and together we can make Pakistan as good as or better then the leading nation..”
says Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan in an exclusive interview published in 100 Pakistanis: The Famous & Influential Book.

‘100 PAKISTANIS – The Famous & Influential’ book published by UNIVERSAL OXFORD PUBLICATIONS ® and written/edited by a non-partisan team lead by M. A. Jalandhari (Founder), Adam Jbr (Co-Founder) and others, is a collection of historic lifetime interviews, stories and inspirational quotes of the 100 prominent Pakistanis to promote a positive image of Pakistan in the world in these crucial times. The book is an effort by the non-partisan research team to pay a tribute, shed light and acknowledge the achievements of prominent Pakistanis in the society.

Adam Jbr. , 23 year old patriotic Pakistani writerco-founder of ‘100 Pakistanis – The Famous & Influential book’, met and interviewed the top prominent figures of Pakistan including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Scientist), Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain (Famous Media Personality), Ali Moeen Nawazish (Educationist), Samina Baig (Mountaineer), Ansar Burney (Philanthropist), Aamna Taseer (Women Entrepreneur), Jahangir Khan (Former World Squash Champion) and others in order to spotlight the distinguished Pakistanis for the world to read and to further improve Pakistan’s image. Adam is a Dubai based Pakistani who left his career and came back to Pakistan for the sake of promoting positive Pakistan initiative in crucial times and to complete this project on which he comments it took two years to complete. He says that he is promoting a peaceful message of positive Pakistan in the world while motivating all Pakistanis through this book that all Pakistanis should come out of complexity, bring out their talent, do not criticize other people and the leaders, in fact bring a positive change within themselves and do something whether in sports, education, business, community service for the country to show the world how great, bright and talented Pakistanis are.

During the interviews, a few prominent personalities were also asked their opinion on who is the most influential person of Pakistan?; a part of interviews taken from the book in which the world record holder, Ali Moeen Nawazish replies;
“In my opinion the most influential person in Pakistan is Mian Mansha & Malik Riaz.”

and to the same question, famous Pop Singer Atif Aslam replies;
“To me I think people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Abida Parveen, everyone who is honest and dedicated to his work is influential”

The book also includes feature of prominent figures of Pakistan including Abdul Sattar Edhi (Philanthropist), PM Nawaz Sharif (Honorable PM), Imran Khan (Chairman PTI) Dr. Salman Shah (ECONOMIST), Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman (RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR), Shahid Afridi (CRICKETER), Honorable President Mamnoon Hussain, Hameed Haroon (MEDIA), Mir Ibrahim Rahman (CEO GEO TV), Asif Ali Zardari (PPP/FORMER PRESIDENT), Maulana Tariq Jameel (RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR), Shahbaz Sharif (CM PUNJAB), Hassan Shehryar Yasin (FASHION DESIGNER), Abida Parveen (FOLK SINGER), SULTANA SIDDIQUI (HUM TV), NASREEN M. KASURI (BEACONHOUSE), AAMNA TASEER (WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR) and many others.
Having a philanthropic approach, Adam has imposed that part of the proceeds from the book will be forwarded to a charity foundation as a support to a noble cause.In addition, Universal Oxford Publications ® will also be publishing several concomitant and supplementary lists, including the 100 Pakistani Young Leaders, which will spotlight the influential young leaders who are making waves in the country today. The book has been receiving enormous media attention especially on the social media where prominent personalities share about their proud honored moment of being featured in the book.

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