Urdu Ashaar She’s gone …1402-2k15

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader

Cousin lover friend and wife!
Days now spent in sterile strife.

Ginger locks by a chiseled face
Rimmed a smile of princely grace

Laughed danced then she left
Leaving behind a scene bereft

Smiled and giggled, softly talked
Before too long, then she walked

She’s gone and left the door ajar
Or thus it seems from so far

Another world she now obtains
In swirling dust her form remains

Stony weights thus nature hurls
In earthy tones her skirt curls

Held in his hand a fraying map
clueless eyes look out the flap

Grim at the blowing yellow sands
At forlorn tattered barren lands

saadat tahir
14th Feb, 2015
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