Poem Terror - Shameless lies… … 2207-2017

saadat tahir

Well-Known Reader
Shameless lies are cast on their keel.
Telephones ring all night for a deal.

Images run circles that burn in our mind.
Subliminal messages that turn us blind.

Engineer the world to fake a fight.
Use it then to decree your right.

Plan in shadows in a whispered hush.
Shamefaced talk and never blush.

On stealthy wings, tell death to creep.
Huddled mothers, their children sleep.

Roar of world’s biggest this or that.
Anything and everything falls to flat.

Sci-Fi sensors or saddened eyes.
Brazenly send out same old lies.

The reaper unleashed, is no match!
In a condo block or bamboo thatch.

Horrible deeds of terror are done.
Turned around they flow as a pun.

Stuff all zombies in dreadful jails.
Rape all women, violate the males.

Recall the skulls in Mongol towers?
Life! Who said? Is a bed of flowers!

Even though flesh falls with chains.
The vacant stare of sockets remains.

saadat tahir.
22nd July, 2017.

July 22 1990.
Iraq begins deploying troops to the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border and building a massive military buildup.
That is what started the spiral to the gulf war…and the brazen rape of a land.
Timeline of Gulf War (1990–1991) - Wikipedia
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