Posting Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Posting Guidelines {xen:phrase help}
In order to continue using this website as an active member, you must have to follow its Rules and Posting Guidelines described below. If we found you violating or ignoring any of them you will receive Warnings from Staff or in some cases your account will be inactive/closed/banned without warning.
Please also note that if you receive 3 Warning points your account will become inactive, until the warning points expires.

General Rules:

  • Never post a link of any other social website, blog or forum. You are not allowed to post links (direct links or intentionally visible URL on images) in Thread Messages, Profile Posts, Signatures and Conversations. If you want to advertise or promote your site or business then please Contact Us for an affordable paid advertisement solution.
  • Please do not post anything in Unicode Urdu text anywhere in the site. English is the basic language of the website.
  • Please do not use upper-case letters (Example: UPPERCASE LETTERS) anywhere in the site. This is considered as shouting and being rude in general.
  • Please do not post your personal information (Email, Cell number, Home address, Personal photos) in public forums.
  • Please do not post personal attacks against other members. Take up whatever your issue you have with them privately.
  • Staff members deserve appreciation and respect. Never post anything against the Staff and their administrative actions in the public forums.
  • Indecent, Manner-less, Hated or Insulted messages are not tolerated. Debates are fine, but argue with the point, not the person.
  • Please do not post © Copyrighted content from other websites, your posts should be your own writing. When you post images, be careful not to upload or embed copyrighted images. If you are the author of copyright content which you include in a post, please clearly state so in the post.

Creating New Thread? Read Posting Guideline

For the most part, this should be common sense, but in case it's not...
  • Start threads in the most relevant forum category.
  • Do not create empty posts that contain nothing but a dot or just an image (if you are going to embed an image (with the exceptions of Poetry, Quotations & Other Text written images) for example, give a short summary of it in your own words).
  • Check "Similar threads" before you post a New thread, because there's a good chance someone has already posted it and you should Like and Comment on existing thread.

Report to Staff

Every post has a "Report to Staff" link. Use it instead of asking staff in profiles or conversations. We handle Reports regularly.
  • Use "Report to Staff" link when you need help from Staff on a Thread message, Profile post and Novel review page.
  • If you see a member breaking the site rules, use "Report to Staff" link to inform Staff.
Note that your submitted Reports are hidden and visible to Staff members only.

User Accounts

  • Multiple user accounts per person are not allowed.
  • You may not register a new account to get the Name you want, however you can Request to Change your Name any time.
  • If you want to Delete/Leave your account you can Submit Request to Leave User Account (Please note that we'll not "Delete" your account but will keep it as an Inactive (closed) account, So in future if you decide to change your mind we can activate (reopen) your account again).
If you have any question, Please feel free to Start a Personal Conversation with a Staff member, Thank you for understanding and co-operation. Staff
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